Jul. 14th, 2017

 ◆ Adam x Tommy ◆ 
Mazel Tov accidental marriage au, word count: 60,000+
When Adam first woke up, suffering the hangover from hell, his first order of business was to roll out of bed and crawl across the hotel room floor to the bathroom where he proceeded to vomit up at least half of what he’d ingested in the past twelve years of his life.However, once that was taken care of and Adam raised his hand to flush it all away, he noticed the silver band on his left ring finger. As soon as he registered that, no, it wasn't just a ring he forgot he put on, and that it was most likely a wedding band, his first thought was the one which was least of his concerns at the moment.
 ◆ Josh x Tyler 
I'm twisted up inside my mind amnesia au, word count: 100,000+
When Tyler wakes up in the hospital he wasn't expecting the colored haired man sitting next to his bed to be his husband, nor that he and his husband are in a band together. He just wishes he could remember it.
 ◆ Adam x Blake 
Overexposed word count: 30,000+
How Adam Levine learned to stop worrying and love Blake Shelton, tracks 1 through 16.
When Adam and Blake first met, there was instant tension and resentment, solved only by a heartfelt discussion over booze. What happens when Adam realizes his feelings are more than just friendly, and will he ever work up the guts to actually talk about it?
 ◆ Harry x Louis 
Pull Me Under Fake/Pretend Relationship au, word count: 100,000+
AU. As the first British footballer to come out at the prime of his career, it helps that Louis Tomlinson is in a long-term, committed relationship. Even if that relationship is fake. (Featuring Niall as Louis' favourite teammate, Liam as Louis' agent, and Zayn as Liam's boyfriend, who just happens to be good friends with one Harry Styles.)
 ◆ Zayn x Liam 

◆ Can I Keep You kid fic, word count: 20,000+ 
Liam is always trying to do what's best for himself and his daughter, but raising a kid on his own at twenty-two, on top of juggling school work and a full-time job, isn't easy. Zayn just wants a chance to show Liam that he's not going to walk out on them. And Liam's daughter, Emma? She just wants to keep Zayn.

Not Happening roommates au, word count: 50,000+
Zayn and Liam are roommates. They hate each other. (Most of the time.)
The List hogwarts au, word count: 50,000+
Louis constantly gets Liam into trouble. Zayn is always there to get him out of it.

Burning Away From Inside superhero au, word count: 80,000+
They're a little too dysfunctional to be considered superheroes, but they do their best.

someday my pain will mark you vampire au, werewolf au, word count: 10,000+
So here Liam is―Uncertain vampire. Unwilling to drink from a Normal. Bored out of his mind. Helplessly in love with a bloody werewolf, for fuck’s sake.
Oh, and a prince.
What a mercifully pleasant and charmed life he’s been living (not-living?) for quite some time now.
(Or alternatively: Liam is probably the world's worst vampire, who has fallen quite madly in love with Zayn, the world's most reluctant werewolf)
 ◆ Zayn x Niall ◆ 
10 things i ____ about you amnesia au, word count: 10,000+
“Did the doctors tell you anything already?”
Niall shrugs a little. The movement catches the collar of the too-big t-shirt he has on, one of Liam’s he must have stashed away in his bag. There’s a bruise on his shoulder, probably from the impact, hitting something hard, unmoving and solid. “Far as I know I’m thinking about trying out for X-Factor next month. They said that already happened.” He bites his lip, and his gaze flicks over at Zayn for a moment. “Did I win?”

nevada's fault accidental marriage au, word count: 30,000+
“Niall Horan, will you -- ow,” he winces when Harry flicks his neck, but when Zayn starts up again, the disaffected tone is gone, “will you do me the honor of marrying me tonight and winning this bloody game of truth or dare?”

I Can Make You Famous on Instagram word count: 6,000+
“Um, wow,” Louis said, eyes wide and looking thoroughly impressed. “You just created an internet meme, way to go.”
or the one where Niall posts a picture of the hot guy on the subway to Tumblr and it gets 35,000 notes.
Over The Counter word count: 4,000+
“Seriously,” Harry drawls, wiping out a glass mug, “Why don’t you just talk to him? He’s tiny and cute, he’s not going to bite.”
“Don’t be ridiculous.” Zayn snorts, playing with the edge of his frayed sleeve, “I’m not worried about Niall, I’m worried about his guard dog slash best friend with the glasses. Besides, I’m just a barista that spends his spare time in the cafe he works in and he’s a professor, at his age! Don’t tell me what to do.”
Baby, It's You word count: 3,000+
Zayn Malik has an obsessive crush on famous Internet blogger Niall Horan, but what happens when Niall starts posting about a crush of his own?
 ◆ Zayn x Harry 
So the thing is, Zayn sometimes forgets he’s not actually Harry’s boyfriend. It’s not a big deal or anything.

Holding Out For a Hero bodyguard au, kid fic, word count: 80,000+
Harry only expected a new bodyguard. He didn’t expect the most beautiful man he’s ever seen, or how Zayn looked at him like he could see through him, or how he makes Harry feel things he’s never felt before. But maybe, in the face of death threats and a love he can’t admit, Harry can find a bravery he never knew he had, and a home he never knew he wanted.

John Hughes Wannabe fake/pretend relationship au, school reunion au word count: 20,000+
“Think about it. You’ll be staying together. There’ll be slow dancing at the reunion, you’ll have to dance together. Maybe take a walk on the beach, in a nice romantic setting. Everyone will think you’re together already, it’ll be in the air. It’s perfect!”
Harry wants to win his high school reunion. And maybe win Zayn's heart too, while he's at it.

Episkey harry potter au, word count: 10,000+
Over the next two weeks, Harry manages to cut open his finger three times, spill boiling water on himself once, and turn his skin polka-dotted, and somehow Potions is still the highlight of Zayn’s week. It’s just…in Potions, he doesn’t remember the absence at his side, doesn’t remember how even if he hangs out with Liam or any of the other Gryffindors, it still feels like something’s missing, something not even Louis’s regular letters can help. But in Potions, it feels like Zayn’s laughing too hard at Harry and Niall’s antics to remember that.
5 times Harry thought Zayn was dating someone and the one time he didn't.
Or, the one where Harry falls in love at first touch, Zayn is a philosophy major, and they discover the wonders of the earth together in a greenhouse Niall built.
“Does he have your mark?” his mum asks. Zayn shakes his head. He’d looked at Harry’s wrist explicitly for the edgings of Zayn’s family crest but couldn’t find anything. Not that that means Harry’s not the one; it might need a touch or connection to come to the surface. Zayn’s not sure he wants to find out though. He doesn’t know if he’s strong enough to know for certain.
“Ah, well. It could be coming,” she adds, and Zayn shrugs. She’s silent for another moment, before quietly adding, “You could pick him, you know.” She sounds thoughtful, distant even. Zayn wonders what she’s thinking about, what she’s remembering. “If you want to that is. I know you’ve not been looking for your mate Zayn, but maybe this was what you needed. Maybe you needed your mate to find you.”
or - Zayn is an immortal modern times non evil sexual incubus who is reluctant to find his mate. And then he meets Harry.

Call It Serendipity word count: 10,000+
Something about the voice has Zayn’s heart pounding double time in his chest. He turns his head slowly and blinks his eyes open.
“Oh,” Zayn says dumbly back. His mouth falls open a little and he just stares, because it’s him again. It’s the same boy from the street and the terminal and the restaurant stood right in front of him with a beaming smile stretched across his face.
“Oh,” the boy says again. His lips curve into a teasing smile. His voice is deep and slow and something fluttery and quick lights up in Zayn’s chest. He has to bite his lip and look away, already embarrassed at the things his face seems to be doing without his permission. “It’s you.”
 ◆ Zayn x Louis 
Type O(nomatopoeia) word count: 4,000+
He looks up at Louis through big, almond eyes framed behind thick-rimmed glasses. His accent sounds heavy and honeyed when he says, “D’ya need any help?” and Louis can only shake his head no.
Or, the one where Zayn works in a comic book shop.

Under The Wolf Moon werewolf au, word count: 50,000+
Louis has tasted pain his whole life; a connoisseur of broken hearts. Pain is all he's ever had. Except now, there's the wolf.
 ◆ Faith x Buffy 
Just A Counterfeit James Dean word count: 50,000+
Buffy and Faith are living it up in Cleveland, over thirty and regularly trying to convince their neighbors they're really just roommates, not "roommates", no matter what Faith wants. Of course, then things get all fucked up, complete with an apocalypse.
◆ Wise Mind sentinel/guide au, word count: 10,000+ 
Temperance had made the - perfectly logical - decision to rebuff Booth’s advances not once, but twice. After all, she was a mundane and he was an online, high order Sentinel and would one day find his Guide. To her mind, there was no point in starting something with the man, no matter how attracted they were to each other, because in the end he would leave her.

The Whole in the Sum of the Parts word count: 20,000+
Children change things – sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, and sometimes from the very beginning. 
 ◆ Damen x Laurent 
A Point to Happiness texting au, word count: 60,000+
Damen texts the wrong number. They end up talking. Then they flirt. Then they fall in love.
 ◆ Carmilla x Laura 
On Your Ground word count: 30,000+
Carmilla has sustained a pretty bad injury, but it's okay. She has a pretty hot doctor.
 ◆ Ben x Ray ◆ 
It was like a car wreck, really. You just couldn't look away. And Fraser looked up at Ray, with his expression like the cold fury of God.
Heartsmith fantasy au, word count: 10,000+
In this universe, people don't wear their hearts on their sleeves... they wear them around their necks. Sometimes, when a heart is broken or damaged, you can get a new one, but Rose would rather have her heart repaired. A heart-seller in the market points her to the Heartsmith.
 ◆ Jack x Ianto ◆
Get Loved, Make More, Try to Stay Alive travel au, kid fic, mpreg au, word count: 60,000+
"When we don't die young and violently, we die weird. Well, or all three, case in point."
The Next Quarter Mile superpowers au, word count: 10,000+
“We going to get somewhere anytime soon?” Dom said.
Brian was staring out the windshield. “Do you trust me?”
“What the fuck kind of question is that?” Dom said.
“If you say yes, I’m going to take you on the worst fucking ride of your life,” Brian said. “Do you trust me?”
 ◆ Blair x Dan 
before the glaciers drown us word count: 9,000+
Growing up and making out and being awesome instead: one year at Yale.
Will You Do The Fandango word count: 4,000+
In which the Apocalypse Mark Two is averted by a bucket of holy water, a hosepipe and Crowley answering the door with no trousers on.
Alternatively, in which Aziraphale is Actually Scarier Than The Devil.
Arya x Gendry 
She is Arya Stark of Winterfell, a girl with four brothers who has always felt more comfortable in the company of men, but Gendry...Well, he's just confusing.
 ◆ Erin x Jillian ◆ 
The List word count: 30,000+
Erin tries out tinder in the most science nerd way possible. Holtzmann tries to be the best wingman.
 ◆ Katniss x Peeta ◆ 
"I didn't love Peeta. That was all for the cameras." After twenty-five years, Katniss Everdeen breaks her long silence to speak to our star reporter.
 ◆ House x Wilson 
Gay Guide To a More Perfect Union word count: 4,000+
House and Wilson take part in a study of same-sex couples. In the name of science.
 ◆ Arthur x Eames 
Arthur's a corporate lawyer, Eames owns the coffee shop across the street, and all good love stories start with a quadruple shot latte.
Aerie word count: 2,000+
Maleficent lets out a long-suffering sigh. “It’s been three days, and you’ve been remiss in your duties. Your observations of the little beastie. Have the three bird-brained imbeciles finally burned down their cottage and the creature with it?”
“I beg your pardon.”
“Oh, don’t be offended, even you must admit you have your moments. Like when you’re supposed to report back to me and come bringing back twigs instead of anything useful!”
The one where Diaval is shiftily building something at the base of Maleficent's tree and she has absolutely no idea what's up with that or why he's decorating it so intently with items that are the colour of her eyes. During nesting season.
Ian x Charlie 
Taming Of The Sniper sentinel/guide au, word count: 40,000+
Ian Edgerton, one of the biggest and baddest Wolf Sentinels, has led a lonely life. Paired with one temporary Guide after another for almost a decade and a half. He convinced himself he was a broken, unBondable Sentinel long ago, useful only as a good luck charm and training ground for Guides before they Bonded.
Charlie Eppes, one of the longest unBonded Guides in the Program and a rare Red Panda, has accepted the fact that he's never going to find his Sentinel. He decided to instead pour all his energy into helping his brother catch murderers and criminals for the FBI
When bystanders start dropping like flies in the heart of LA, Edgerton is summoned to help the Eppes brothers find the Sniper who is turning LA into his own private range.
(Honestly, I suck at summaries. Ian's a Wolf, Charlie's a Red Panda, stubborness abounds and it all works out. Come on in and enjoy the read.)
 ◆ Harold x John 
Hamartia (the hero's fatal flaw) word count: 10,000+
"We're not looking to make friends, Harold," John said. "We want our neighbors to classify us and then avoid us. Being the scandalous gay couple down the street is a good option."
 ◆ Carlton x Shawn ◆ 
Right Place, Wrong Time word count: 80,000+
17-year-old Shawn has a fake ID burning a hole in his pocket, a college party to crash, and a mission to stop being the only virgin in his senior class. Unfortunately, there's this big-earred, good-doing grad student by the name of Carlton who catches him in the act. The unfair nature of cosmic humor being what it is, thus begins something that'll come back to haunt them both ten years later -- when an adult Shawn Spencer decides to give psychic investigation a try.
 Newton x Herman 
ich hasse dich word count: 3,000+
Anyone who has spent any amount of time in the Hong Kong research division knows to clear out when Newt and Hermann start screaming at each other in German. Raleigh has not spent any time in the research division. He's also beginning to question his knowledge of German. For instance, did Newt really just tell Hermann he had a perfect face?
 ◆ Chloe x Beca 
And Everyone Wins kid fic, single parent au, word count: 100,000+
Beca and Chloe haven't seen each other since high school. They weren't great friends back then, but that wouldn't be the only thing that's changed.
 ◆ Ian x Mickey 
Melánia word count: 50,000+
A lot’s changed in the two years since Ian and Mandy ran off. Terry’s dead, Svetlana’s moved out, the Kash and Grab has started stocking blue Gatorade – oh, and Mickey’s been raising his brother’s baby ever since Tony went to jail.
But when he realises he might be stuck with the kid for good, Mickey decides to move out of Chicago and actually give her a chance in life. And it’s the couple of familiar faces he finds when he gets to Philly that really set change in motion.

Agron x Nasir

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 ◆ Agron x Nasir 
Contrapposto college au, word count: 10,000+
They all go for coffee after the class, and Agron feels off balance the entire time, still a little self-conscious from the whole taking his clothes off to be scrutinized by strangers thing, and the way Castus sits beside Nasir and name drops Rousseau and Dubuffet with ease. They lose Agron the second they start talking about art, but he stays because Nasir talks with his hands when he’s passionate about something, and he keeps looking at Agron like if he smiles enough at Agron he’ll understand the argument Nasir is making about colour theory. (He doesn’t, but he smiles back, every time.)
The last time Agron models for the class he may or may not hit the gym the day before, and avoid carbs before heading to the art studio.
“This is a disturbing new development in your infatuation with this guy,” Duro says, when Agron declines a slice of pepperoni pizza. “I may need to meet him.”
Agron just throws a slice of cantaloupe at his brother’s face and heads to the bus stop to catch the bus to campus.
(modern, university!AU with nude modelling)
World Ain't Ready word count: 100,000+
Enjolras presses his lips together. He already looks pained, and Grantaire hasn't even opened his mouth yet. That's got to be a record, even for them.
"I need a favor," he says at last.
"With what?" says Grantaire. "Ooh, are you forming a cult? Can I join? I'd be awesome at cults, I just know it." He ticks off his qualifications on his fingers. "I love chanting, I look great in robes—"
(High school AU. Grantaire the disaffected stoner is pulled into a cause bigger than himself. Or: in which there are pretend boyfriends for great justice.)
 ◆ Blair x Jim 
Moonhunt word count: 20,000+
A young shaman is caught out in the open during a moonhunt and his life is forever changed.
 ◆ Caroline x Klaus ◆ 
Everything, Everything word count: 60,000+
Caroline and Klaus wake up human in another reality due to a spell.
Oh, and they're married, which is absolutely the worst, until it isn't.
 ◆ Clarke x Lexa ◆ 
Our Hearts (Have Minds Of Their Own) Fake/Pretend Relationship au, ord count: 100,000+
Clarke is NOT going back to another family reunion without a fake girlfriend to shut everyone up. Lexa, her neighbor and best friend, needs powerful clients like the Griffins for her up and coming business.
How inconvenient that they accidentally fall head-over-heels for each other in the process.
 ◆ Lizz x Red ◆ 
She Put Her Scar Upon My Skin word count: 100,000+
Elizabeth Keen, a fledgling FBI Agent, stumbles upon the Concierge of Crime, Raymond Reddington.
An AU in which Liz finds Reddington before he surrenders himself to the FBI, spiraling his plans out of control and forming an entirely new relationship with Elizabeth.
 ◆ Daryl x Rick ◆
The Scars That Bind Us word count: 40,000+
Daryl saves Buttons and in doing so changes a lot of things. Because that skittish black horse helps him realizes that everyone's got scars and that some of them go deeper than others.
 ◆ Dana x Fox ◆
Visitor word count: 20,000+
At least he's guaranteed to see her once a year.

Jazz x Prowl

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 ◆ Jazz x Prowl 
Meister Ain't My Designation word count: 50,000+
Long before the war, Prowl is intent on tracking down and arresting Meister, a joyriding thief causing mayhem in Praxis. Unfortunately Prowl must also deal with the distraction of an arranged marriage to a mech he's never met, Jazz of the tower Chamber Harmonic.
 ◆ Veronica x Logan 
A Strange New Story Every Time word count: 10,000+
Ten years clean of Neptune living, Logan's past finds him in an all-night grocery store.
 ◆ Peter x Neal 

The Greatest Cake word count: 20,000+
“So, uh… cupcakes.” Peter says, manfully ignoring Neal’s barely-hidden smile. “How does a guy get into the cupcake business?” 
“Well, I used to be an internationally-renowned art thief,” Neal tells him, perfectly straight-faced. “But it turns out that’s not a very good way to meet nice people.” 
Peter rolls his eyes. “Fine, don’t tell me, then.”
 ◆ Reid x Morgan ◆ 
loving someone like you word count: 1,000+
"derek," spencer choked up, his bloody hand gripped against morgan's free one; and spencer didnt know why he called him derek, because this was morgan. morgan was his name in the field—the strong, badass fbi agent; and derek? derek was the compassionate lover that he barely saw. and suddenly spencer was coughing and tears were building in his eyes. a small whimper escaped spencer's lips when derek applied more pressure.
"sh, you don't need to talk—okay? just keep looking at me, pretty boy." derek's hand was shaking. was he crying too? his voice was cracking, but it was too late to see anything but the dark face in front of him. spencer needed to say something—what did he need to say?
"i'ove you."
or, when spencer gets shot in the neck and derek is a filled with too much love.
 ◆ Jemma x Leo 
She's fifteen her first year at MIT, and she's lost, too smart for her own good and too damn scared by the world, decked out in polos and skinny jeans and a pair of red converse she's had for years.
Then there's Fitz.
 ◆ Jemma x Skye 
Applied Quantum Superluminal Communication telepathy au, word count: 10,000+
It’s impossible. It breaks the laws of physics. It’s superluminal communication via quantum entanglement and (you would like to be perfectly clear about this) it is impossible. But Skye’s voice is in your head and she’s telling you to call it a brain meld, Simmons, that’s way cooler, and you’re starting to feel as though perhaps you ought to set all your university physics books on fire. Because apparently, nothing in them applies to 0-8-4s… such as the woman you’re suddenly sharing thoughts (and occasionally inappropriate dreams) with.
 ◆ Skye x Grant 
Grant Ward: Out of Darkness word count: 90,000+
This is my idea of what it's like from Ward's perspective, working with a team, falling in love by accident, and realizing that hope is sometimes the greatest and most unexpected gift of all.
 ◆ Tony x Bruce 
Blue As True As Blue Can Be superpowers au, word count: 70,000+
Tony Stark has worked hard to make sure everyone sees exactly what he wants them to. After all, they'd all rather see the asshole with the too-bright smile than the terrified person underneath who is desperately trying to conceal that which has caused him so much pain. Trust him, he knows.
(Tony Stark is a mutant, and his father had made sure to note /exactly/ how he felt about that. Now, with the Avengers living with him full-time, it's getting more and more difficult to hide the part of him that almost no one still alive knows about.)
 ◆ Billy x Teddy 
Love is Like Falling word count: 3,000+
Teddy reached down and took Billy’s hand, threading their fingers together. The warm, gentle grip immediately derailed his words, his brain. “Sure,” Teddy said, squeezing Billy’s hand. “That sounds cool.”
“Cool,” Billy breathed.
Teddy squinted at him. “Are you secretly a Buffybot stuck on some kind of programming loop?”
Billy snorted, turning his face to press his forehead against Teddy’s arm. When he breathed, his lungs were filled with the incredible scent of him. “No,” he said. “Shut up, I’m just having a spaz.”
“Oh, well, in that case.”
OR: Teddy and Billy, being adorable new(ish) boyfriends.
 ◆ Matt x Foggy 
not so daring word count: 5,000+
"Foggy, you need to calm down, this isn’t a big deal, it was in college, it’s not like you’re still in love with me.”
As soon as Foggy says, “Uh-huh,” he knows he’s fucked. His voice cracks in the middle of it so even without Matt’s freaky heartbeat-lie-detector skills he’d be able to tell Foggy is a dirty liar.
Foggy wishes for another alien invasion as Matt’s eyes grow wide behind his glasses.
“Oh,” Matt says.
 ◆ Peter x Johnny 
Waking up in a stranger's bed is not how superhero Johnny Storm planned on spending the morning after the night before.
From now on…
A) No more secret hookups with Peter Parker—he's the last man on earth Johnny'd want to share a room with, never mind a king-size bed.
B) Maintain a professional persona at all times. After all, he's a photographer for New York's #1 Superhero Bashing Rag and Johnny's perfect tabloid fodder.
C) Keep friends close but enemies closer. Easier said than done, with She-Hulk away on her honeymoon and Spider-Man avoiding him.
 ◆ Harry x Peter 
Counting Stars word count: 10,000+
Peter Parker's been in love with Harry Osborn for as long as he could remember, and how could he ever say no to saving his life?
 ◆ Harry x Ron 
perspective word count: 9,000+
In which Ron realizes that maybe, just maybe, you aren't supposed to feel this way about your best mate. But only after a dance at the Yule Ball, months of being busy with other things, Cedric Diggory's death, the return of Voldemort, and a quiet knock at his door.
 ◆ Harry x Hermione 
Spell It Out soulmate au, word count: 6,000+
"At some point while you are growing up, your magic will manifest itself physically. You will get a set of words on your wrist. These words will be specific to your soulmate, the one person your magic knows you are supposed to be with."
 ◆ Daniel x Jack 
Reveille word count: 10,000+
Jack and Daniel wake up in bed together.
 ◆ Rodney x John 
Happy amnesia au, word count: 30,000+
"Wait," John said, because this had to be a joke, didn't it? "You know Ronon, but you don't know me? What the hell did that thing do to you?"

 ◆ Steve x Danno 
Love's a Battlefield (and the Navy Did Not Train Steve for This Shit) Fake/Pretend Relationship au, word count: 10,000+
The Kalakaua-Kelly clan are determined to matchmake Steve. Out of desperation, Steve makes up a boyfriend named Danny.
It doesn't quite go according to plan.
 ◆ Gibbs x Tony 
Interrogative word count: 4,000+
"Put the damn scarf on, DiNozzo, or I'll strangle you with it myself."
 Harvey x Mike 
Imprimatur soulmates au, word count: 20,000+
Mike was raised to believe Imprint was a life-changing event for those few lucky enough to experience it. Harvey was raised to believe it was a form of mental illness. When it actually happened, neither of them noticed.
 ◆ Illya x Napoleon 
The Gemini Affair word count: 40,000+
In the first month of being co-opted into working with Illya Kuryakin full time at U.N.C.L.E., Napoleon stole Illya’s father’s watch four times, twice out of spite, once out of drunken curiosity, and once out of sheer boredom. After the fourth time, Gaby sprained one of Napoleon’s fingers and threatened to do worse if he did it again.
“You are not a spy,” she told him firmly, dangling the watch out of reach as Napoleon curled in a wincing, fetal position on his Le Corbusier couch in his upstate apartment. “You are a thief with the self-control of a child. Now give me back my ring.”
“What ring?” Napoleon asked innocently, even through the pain.
“How fond are you of your nose?” Gaby shot back blandly.
 ◆ Gwaine x Merlin 
Talk Sense to a Fool and He Calls You Foolish genderswap au, word count: 100,000+
When Arthur finds out about Merlin's magic, he does the only thing he can think of. He banishes him. Circumstances force Merlin to live as a woman to avoid recognition, and he wanders through the Kingdom of Camelot, looking for a new purpose in life.
He finds it in 4 small children. Thrown away by their parents for gifts they had no choice in recieving. Merlin realizes his true calling is to spread the knowledge that magic means no harm.
Some time later, his path crosses with Arthur again. But with the memory of betrayal so fresh in their minds, can they over come the prejudices built over years of distrust and hatred?
 ◆ Merlin x Morgana 
Merlin gives Morgana secret magic lessons, Arthur isn't exactly Casanova, Gwen has a secret plan, and nobody gets ravished in a wardrobe.
 ◆ Regina x Emma 
Emma Swan is catapulted into stardom, the newest lead actress on a sanitized show featuring modern fairytales. Regina Mills is a long-undermined star with a chip on her shoulder and a thousand reasons why she's invested. Naturally, they loathe each other on sight.
Their characters' fanbases, however, have other ideas.
 ◆ Dean x Sam 
Courting Death word count: 50,000+
Sam Winchester lived the first six months of his life in a happy family; the next twelve years as John Winchester's only son, and the last decade as an orphan. He's supposed to die at twenty-two trying to save the woman he loves from a fire, because he doesn't have a brother to pull him back. But the night Sam meets his Reaper he discovers that Death is overly fond of pop-culture references, too beautiful to be real, and reluctant to kill him.
 Lucifer x Sam 
How To Fall word count: 40,000+
'“I’ve been falling for some time, through darkness, and pain, and fire. And then I saw you, shining through the shadows, and I knew you would catch me one day. But you didn’t, I fell right past you, further than I ever imagined I could, and now I wonder if I’ve finally hit the ground.”'
When a spell goes wrong Sam ends up stranded in the north Canadian wilderness with nothing to do but bunker down and wait for rescue, which wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the broken angel he's accidentally brought along for the ride.
 ◆ Sam x Gabriel 
Important Angel Business word count: 3,000+
Sam has no idea how Gabriel got his number.
 Sherlock x John 
The Internet Is Not Just For Porn word count: 1,000+
John is Sherlock's internet boyfriend - from CANADA.
No one thinks he's real.
 ◆ Sherlock x Jim 
Cosmic Love soulmate au, word count: 100,000+
 In a world of 7 billion people, it is only a lucky minority that manage to find their biological soulmates. A single touch of skin to skin, and suddenly they are Marked forever, sharing a psychological Bond that can result in anything from sharing emotions to mind reading. Sherlock Holmes has never given finding his Soulmate much thought, and it is definitely among the last things on his mind when he arrives on the rooftop of St. Bart's to face off against his arch nemesis, Jim Moriarty. However, upon shaking hands with the criminal on the rooftop, something happens, and afterwards, rooftop snipers are the least of the detective's problems.
 ◆ Mycroft x Greg 
Unlikely Connections We Make word count: 30,000+
Greg's life has gone to the dogs. In a spectacular show of really bad judgement he tries to improve things by hitting on Mycroft Holmes.
 ◆ Simon x Jace 
City of Shadows word count: 200,000+
“Or is he?” Jace asked softly. The velvety murmur was worse than Isabelle’s snapping or Alec’s frustration, and he still hadn’t looked away from Simon. “Have you had dealings with demons, little boy? Walked with warlocks, talked with the Night Children? Have you – ”
“Did you run out of alliteration?” Simon interrupted. “ ‘Night Children’ – what is that, vampires, probably, could you not think of any verbs beginning with v? Verbalize, vent, venerate, vacuum – that’s a good one, have you vacuumed with vampires – ”
When Simon Fray follows a blue haired boy into a storage room, he has no idea how weird his life is about to get. 
 ◆ Simon x Raphael 
then you'll wake up word count: 3,000+
“How is the training going?” Clary asks, and Simon shrugs, resisting the urge to pull a face.
“Well, Raphael hasn’t staked me yet, so that’s progress.”
 ◆ Clary x Isabelle ◆
kiss me (like you mean it) fake/pretend relationship au, word count: 10,000+
Clary agrees to pretend to be Isabelle's girlfriend, hoping to make things easier for Alec if and when he decides he wants to come out. Considering that Clary's had a major crush on Izzy since the day they met, this might be a terrible idea.
Then they find the Mortal Cup, the Clave gets involved, and Clary finds some bigger reasons to worry about Isabelle.
 ◆ Hux x Kylo Ren 
You're Awful word count: 2,000+
“Why are you trying to inspire them with speeches?” Ren asks. “I thought they were programmed from birth to obey.”
“And why would I take any advice from you, Mr. I-Inexplicably-Have-A-Black-Bucket-Over-My-Head?”
“I’m sorry, Darth I-Inexplicably-Have-A-Black-Bucket-Over-My-Head.”
General Hux and Kylo Ren hate working together.
For different reasons.

 Obi-Wan x Anakin 
Mother mpreg au, kid fic, word count: 40,000+
If the Chosen One will not remain on Mortis to keep the Father’s children in balance, will he pledge his firstborn child to this task in his stead?
It sounds like a good deal, all things considered. However, there is only one okay, maybe there are two problems: Anakin must bear this child himself, and Obi-Wan is the only human currently available to father it.
Waking Up Dead word count: 40,000+
Obi-wan thought he was supposed to stay alive, watch over Luke, survive until the day the force called him home. Instead he falls through the ice on Illum and finds himself emerging thirty years in the past.
   Finn x Poe 

the coat thief word count: 3,000+
BB-8 violently rolls romance into Poe Dameron’s life.

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