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2017-07-26 04:25 pm

Russia x America

 ✨ word count: 90,000+ ✨

Many years ago, a man known now as The Dictator attempted to rule the world with Dark Magic. Due to his immortality, the public was forced to freeze him in time. A thousand years later, a university student, Ivan Braginsky, has shown his prowess and abilities to the point of being hired at the largest Detainment Center in the world. His job? To help guard The Dictator. But will Ivan's curiosity about The Dictator's mysterious past win out over protecting the world from his wrath?
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2017-07-19 10:54 am

Gen Fic

 ◆ The Bloody Boys serial killers au, word count: 10,000+
Nana heralds from a family of serial killers. She neglects to mention this to her husband, but when Iemitsu makes it clear he doesn’t expect Tsuna to join his family, Nana brings him into hers.
This becomes a problem when Iemitsu changes his mind...
For the Love of the Game word count: 8,000+
In which Yamamoto wanders through life smiling, joking, and terrifying bystanders.
It strikes him as weird that he’s had to struggle not to kill people, that it’s been such a challenge. He’s pretty sure that for most people, not being a murderer is way easier than being one.
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2017-07-16 02:48 pm

Eridan Ampora x Karkat Vantas

Dirty Deeds word count: 7,000+
Desperate times call for desperate measures, and nobody is more desperate than a troll facing the Imperial Drone at collection time. Unfortunately, anonymous sex isn't so anonymous when you run into someone you know.
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2017-07-16 02:47 pm

Sollux Captor x Karkat Vantas

Space Bro word count: 10,000+
In which Karkat Vantas is a surly ex-Marine who is absolutely for sure NOT a gray space alien, nor has he ever been a gray space alien at any point in his life ever, regardless of what this weirdo Sollux Captor claims when they meet in a bar one miserable Friday night.
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2017-07-16 02:45 pm

Gamzee Makara x Karkat Vantas

Amateur Palemates Smuttin It Up!! word count: 4,000+
Of course he'd caught the little glances. Sneaky or not, they'd been going on for perigees now; he would have had to be blind, and also to be hit on the head with something heavy and not skull-friendly.
At first he hadn't cared because of course it was Leader-envy, or admiration or secret crushes or what the fuck ever they had other shit to do and if someone wanted to speak up they could and in the meantime fuck you, and after that for a while he'd mostly gritted his teeth and tried to tell himself it was just paranoia and/or perfectly normal group dynamics in a long-term close quarters arrangement. Right? Right.
Only they'd never looked at him that way before he and Gamzee hooked up, and then he realized it wasn't him people looked at, it was at them.
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2017-07-16 02:43 pm

John Egbert x Karkat Vantas

Enforced Cultural Exchange word count: 10,000+
Karkat is all for cultural exchanges and trying to see each others point of view, but there is such a thing as going too damned far.
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2017-07-16 02:33 pm

Karkat x Dave

Looks just like the sun word count: 10,000+
“Holy shit,” you whisper. Dave joins you at the window.
There are no stars left in the sky. Nothing but blackness and a faint soap bubble sheen.
“Is that a dream bubble?” Dave says.
And then it swallows you.
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2017-07-16 11:10 am

Boo Seungkwan X Choi Hansol

Apple Initials and Thumbprint Soulmates soulmate au, word count: 80,000+
On your sixteenth birthday you get the thumbprint of your soulmate on the first place they will touch you. If you've already met, it'll be on the next place they touch you. The thumbprint mark looks like faded pen.
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2017-07-16 11:09 am

Jung Yoonoh x Kim Dongyoung

The student council president doesn't have a crush on the school's basketball god. No, of course not.
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2017-07-16 11:06 am

Lim Changkyun x Yoo Kihyun

Kihyun likes to spend his working hours ogling at the same guy. Hyungwon may just be done with it.
Or the one where Hyungwon's sick of Kihyun's thirsty ass and does him a favor.
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2017-07-16 11:04 am

Mark Tuan x Jackson Wang

I Wanted a Soul Mate But All I Got Was This Wang soulmates au, word count: 3,000+
Mark wakes up on his eighteenth birthday with black lettering across his chest in a pleasant script. It takes him a while to make out the word, extravagantly written with an unnecessary amount of swoops and curls.
It curves beneath his collar bone, just low enough to be almost completely covered by most of his tops, just the points of the spirals that form each letter poking out from underneath the fabric. Some of his lower cut shirts show off the word fully, but he doesn’t wear them much after it appears.
The day it happens, he ignores the stream of birthday wishes and curious questions about his marking (and the puns some of his friends make with the word) in favor of standing in the bathroom, tracing his finger over the patterned lettering for hours until he finally realizes. At the very base, if you remove all the ridiculous décor from each letter, it spells WANG.
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2017-07-16 10:49 am

Nam Taehyun x Song Minho

hit me with your best shot word count: 2,000+
In which Nam Taehyun has a very complicated Starbucks order, and Song Minho is very petty.
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2017-07-16 10:47 am

Lee Sungjun x Seon Yein

i'm addicted word count: 1,000+
“we casually hook up at parties sometimes but this time you got so drunk you couldn’t make it all the way back to your dorm so i let you crash in my room because it was closer and it turns out you’re really cute when you wake up in the morning, fuck” inspired
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2017-07-16 10:45 am

Lee Byunghun x Lee Chanhee

Animus! Teen Top word count: 10,000+
CHUNJI: (Angry) What the fuck is that supposed to mean?
L.JOE: We're not kids anymore, Chanhee.
Or the one where L.Joe's members resent that he gets all the attention... and L.Joe? He doesn't even give a fuck!
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2017-07-16 10:43 am

Lee Donghae x Lee Hyukjae

Donghae knows something is wrong between him and Eunhyuk, but he can't quite put his finger on it.
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2017-07-16 10:41 am

Kim Jonghyun x Lee Taemin

Everpresent soulmates au, word count: 5,000+
In a world where you can hear your soulmate’s thoughts by the time either one or both of you turn 18, Lee Taemin is awoken with quite the surprise at the age of 15.
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2017-07-16 10:40 am

Jung Chanwoo x Song Yunhyeong

this has nothing to do with grades word count: 4,000+
Chanwoo's dumb secret and everything is a confusing mess.
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2017-07-16 10:36 am

Huang Zi Tao x Oh Sehun

don't wait too long word count: 5,000+
Sehun agrees to go to Qingdao and pose as Zitao’s boyfriend, though Zitao is unaware that Sehun wishes it weren’t an act. (AU)
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2017-07-16 10:29 am

Jung Yunho x Shim Changmin

an object of devotion chinese horoscopes au, word count: 9,000+
Changmin’s an Earth Dragon. Yunho’s a Wood Ox. They are not supposed to get along. A Canon AU.

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2017-07-16 10:28 am

Lee Changsub x Yook Sungjae

the smiles he doesn't see word count: 1,000+
it was when the older wasn’t looking when sungjae’s fondness pooled into his eyes and glistened the faint, endearing smile ghosting on his lips.
changsub was no better.