loving someone like you word count: 1,000+
"derek," spencer choked up, his bloody hand gripped against morgan's free one; and spencer didnt know why he called him derek, because this was morgan. morgan was his name in the field—the strong, badass fbi agent; and derek? derek was the compassionate lover that he barely saw. and suddenly spencer was coughing and tears were building in his eyes. a small whimper escaped spencer's lips when derek applied more pressure.
"sh, you don't need to talk—okay? just keep looking at me, pretty boy." derek's hand was shaking. was he crying too? his voice was cracking, but it was too late to see anything but the dark face in front of him. spencer needed to say something—what did he need to say?
"i'ove you."
or, when spencer gets shot in the neck and derek is a filled with too much love.

◆ Spencer Reid Faces his Past soul bond au, shapeshifting au, soulmates au, word count: 100,000+

Spencer Reid is a Shifter and as his 30th birthday approaches he has no idea that his future happiness lays directly ahead of him once he hits his critical birthday as the shifter mating gene activates. Reid must face his past in order to keep the happiness he has gained once he does turn 30.


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