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2017-09-03 11:45 am

Evan Hansen x Connor Murphy

Stars In Our Eyes word count: 40,000+
Evan Hansen knows Soulmates exist, he's just such a mess of a person he had assumed he'd never get one.
Connor Murphy knows that Soulmates are a fairytale, and knows he doesn't need another person to be whole. But he wants one.
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2017-09-02 11:00 pm

Ronan Lynch x Adam Parrish

Five times Ronan slept at Adam's, and the one time Adam asked him to.
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2017-09-02 10:59 pm

Tyrannus Basilton "Baz" Pitch x Simon Snow

Once Upon a Time word count: 2,000+
(Fairytale curses aren't supposed to work.)
In which Simon Snow requires true love's kiss.
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2017-09-02 10:57 pm

Neil Josten x Andrew Minyard

The first time Andrew realizes he wants to hear the words, Neil isn’t even doing anything. He’s just sitting there, staring at the horizon with that stupidly dramatic faraway expression of his, and letting the cigarette burn down between his fingers all the way to the filter — an outrageous waste of good nicotine, if you asked Andrew.
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2017-08-29 05:30 pm

Even Bech Næsheim x Isak Valtersen

Things Look Different in the Morning word count: 40,000+
“So,” he says, drawing the word out. “I told Even he could stay here.”
Isak blinks, convinced he’s misheard.
“Eskild,” he says flatly. “We don’t have a spare room.”
Eskild straightens his back, expression turning sheepish. “That’s the other part…I was thinking he could stay in your room?”
In which Even needs a place to stay, kollektivet gains a new roommate, and Isak just really wants to sleep
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2017-08-29 05:28 pm

Philip Shea x Lukas Waldenbeck

I See Your Face Under Every Sky word count: 2,000+
Philip grins down at him, he's definitely going to use this to his advantage, “Admit you're scared and I'll stay with you.”
Lukas bites his cheek, like it pains him to even think about saying the words, “I'm not scared, I just..” he trails off.
“Just what?”
“Really fucking hate thunderstorms.”
Or, Lukas is afraid but there's no way he's going to admit it.
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2017-08-29 05:26 pm

Quentin Coldwater x Eliot Waugh

Quentin didn't check positive as either a guide or a sentinel when he was a child. Not that it came as a surprise to his parents - there was no history of either in their families, and they hadn't expected it to be any different with their son.
[Guides & Sentinels AU]
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2017-08-29 05:24 pm

Liam Dunbar x Brett Talbot

A Pattern word count: 2,000+
“I see you’re still wearing my sweater.” Brett’s voice and heartbeat are level, but Liam can definitely hear something wrong there.

“Yeah sorry I- it was cold and I didn’t get a chance to uh… no but yeah, here,” Liam stutters.
He tugs at it, about to take it off, when Brett says, “No. It’s fine, I have other sweaters I can wear. It’s definitely cold tonight.” He runs his hands up and down his arms for emphasis.

It’s seventy degrees out.
Neither one of them is cold.
The one where Brett indirectly scent marks Liam, and Liam can't figure out why.
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2017-08-06 11:07 am

Cecil x Carlos

Cecil x Carlos ◆ 

The Rat and the Ruby Slippers word count: 7,000+
Carlos is having the strangest dreams, and the strangest headaches, like there's something he's supposed to be remembering. Not to mention the intern's wedding coming up, and that new chemical StrexCorp wants him to develop. It's going to be a busy week.
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2017-08-03 11:22 am

John Egbert x Jade Harley x Karkat Vantas

By Brett Howell
Who amongst the general public hasn't at the very least heard of John Egbert, rising humorist and riveting showman (and, slightly less known, accomplished, classically-trained concert pianist?) If you're not into astronomy or nuclear physics you might be excused for not knowing of his cousin, vivacious and horrendously brilliant Jade Harley. (If you are, you have no excuse; in those circles she is revolutionizing there is no escaping her sharp insight.)
In short, they're gorgeous, smart, well-connected, independently wealthy, and well on their way to becoming nothing short of illustrious.
They also happen to be dating the same man.
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2017-08-02 08:50 pm

Karkat Vantas x Davesprite

Crash Standing word count: 100,000+
It's been eight days since the end of Sburb and Davesprite is not coping especially well.
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2017-08-02 02:38 pm


◆ Karkat x John

Battlefield Terra word count: 100,000+
John is one of eight mech pilots heroically protecting Earth from an alien invasion. Pretty easy on the moral choices. See evil monster from space, kill evil monster from space.
Only then he actually meets one of them face to face.

◆ Karkat x Dave

Of Heaven and Earth word count: 100,000+
Dave Strider is part of an organization that eradicates evil creatures that kill humans for food. No one knows where these spirits come from, only that the sooner they are destroyed the better. That is his mission right now, to hunt down a weak new spirit before it can kill anyone and grow stronger.
Karkat Vantas is fucking dead, and if that wasn't horrible enough, now he's being hunted by some sword wielding maniac. At least there seems to be others like him in this world to help him adjust to this mindfuckery.
Don't Forget the Sun word count: 200,000+ Ch23
Karkat Vantas always accepted the fact that he was not going to live past nine sweeps. It was just a certainty of his sad, miserable life. At least, that was until his friends found out and decided to hatch a plan to get him out of the Alternian empire. A plan that actually worked.
Now, he was stranded on an alien planet, at the mercy of some strange creature that was either trying to help him or going about some freaky ritual of flirting with your food before you eat it.
Also, aliens have sunglasses.
He was better off dying on Alternia, wasn't he?
Midnight on the Demon Patrol word count: 200,000+ Ch30
Fighting fire with fire is okay in theory but Detective-Summoner Dave L. Strider figures trying to summon corporeal demons to the mortal plane to fight other demons is likely to backfire spectacularly. Sadly for him his inner Knight gets the vapors at the thought of letting anyone else play guinea pig.
Yup, he is totally hogging the demon. What could go wrong? (Oh no, Dave, why did you have to think that.)

Godhood Isn't All It's Cracked Up To Be reincarnation au. word count: 30,000+ Ch8
They won the game. They all worked hard to beat that skeleton fuck and create a universe safe from the mechanics of the game. But when they walked through that door, Dave felt the hand he’d been holding tightly in his fade away.
Everyone who wasn’t a god tier had been wiped away the second they walked through that fucking door.
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2017-08-01 08:58 pm

Kurusu Akira x Kitagawa Yusuke

 ◆ Akira x Yusuke 

Complementary word count: 1,000+
Akira smiles and Yusuke realizes that this is what love feels like.

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2017-08-01 08:54 pm

Kurusu Akira x Sakamoto Ryuji

 ◆ Akira x Ryuji 

sunday kind of love word count: 9,000+
Ryuji asks Akira for dating advice.
Practice makes perfect.
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2017-08-01 08:45 pm

Karkat Vantas x Tavros Nitram

 ◆ Karkat x Tavros 
Terawatt Outlaws word count: 80,000+ 
"Sollux has been strung up in the Helmsblock alongside his Ancestor. This was the Empire's first and last mistake."
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2017-08-01 08:41 pm

Karkat Vantas x Aradia Megido

 ◆ Karkat x Aradia  ◆ 

darken her horse pale romance, word count: 2,000+ 
She hesitates. You don’t blame her. If you were Aradia you wouldn’t trust some kid you’ve just met, who hides his blood with a nondescript grey in both text and sym69l, especially one who immediately snaps at you for wanting to know what it is he’s asking of you.
But you can’t tell her. She might be as rust as they come, she may even be sympathetic, but you just can’t let her see the clothing and old bandages you’ve bloodied after a nasty accident with your sickles. You can’t even trust yourself yet, how could you trust her?
Aradia and Karkat meet for the first time. She's nicer than expected, and he isn't a complete asshole.
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2017-08-01 08:38 pm

Karkat Vantas x Kanaya Maryam

 ◆ Karkat x Kanaya 

Karkat: be calm. pale romance, word count: 1,000+ 
Remember the first time Kanaya cut Karkat's hair?
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2017-08-01 08:31 pm

Karkat Vantas x Feferi Peixes

 ◆ Karkat x Feferi 

Ghosts pale romance, word count: 1,000+
Once upon a time, when she was young and he was alive, she promised she'd give him the world.
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2017-08-01 08:28 pm

Karkat Vantas x Terezi Pyrope

 ◆ Karkat x Terezi 

A Pirate's Life For Me word count: 2,000+
When you were younger you’d fancied you could mould him; when you were a little less young you’d thought perhaps at least you could break him to rein.
Or: Terezi takes Karkat over a table.