Shouyou x Kei 
◆ Telling Their Best Friends established relationship au, word count: 1,000+
Tsukishima and Hinata decide it's time to tell their best friends about their relationship. Thing's happen.
◆ He's Collecting Bugs on His Body future au, college au, word count: 10,000+
It starts with bumblebees. Five of them to be precise. Each one only a couple of inches long and dotted almost randomly on the lower part of his spine, beginning from the waist line of his shorts and flying upwards. The three highest have their wings outstretched as if in mid-flight, the cross-sectioned patterns on them almost lost in the harsh light of the changing room; the two closest to his shorts have their wings tucked in, resting on an invisible flower.
 One day after practice Tsukishima notices that Hinata has a tattoo.
◆ Operation Noya, Naka, Shima and Shou! word count: 3,000+
Tsukishima has been much less hostile towards everyone's favourite ball of sunshine lately, and the bromance duo wants to figure out why.
Commence the incredibly unneeded battle plans against Sugamama's orders.
◆ with the light from the sun word count: 3,000+
He's fifteen and a big jerk when he kisses Hinata.
The Crown and the Crow soulmates au, word count: 8,000+
Somewhere out there is your forever one wearing your Mark on their skin; it's just a matter of finding them.
◆ Ugly soulmates au, college au, word count: 4,000+
And then Kageyama met Hinata.
Gorgeous. Stunning. Captivating. Enchanting. Beautiful.
Nothing could compare.

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