Nico x Jason 

◆ The Emotion and the Response word count: 20,000+
After the war ends, Nico disappears, and Jason isn't going to sit idly by while his friend hides away among the dead. He'll get him to come back, even if it means going down into the Underworld and dragging Nico out of there himself.
◆ Wrong Signals wrong number au, college au, word count: 10,000+
wherein Jason accidentally texts the wrong number one day and things just sort of spiral from that.
◆ we've got chemistry high school au, word count: 3,000+
The one where everyone finds out Jason has a bit of a crush on Nico di Angelo.
Everyone, including Nico himself.
◆ To find where I belong word count: 10,000+
“It’s Nico,” Thalia said. Jason almost thought he’d heard wrong. Nobody had seen Nico di Angelo since the war ended, and Jason still regretted that he hadn’t been able to stop him from leaving. Nico had told him about his plans to disappear, but Jason hadn't thought he'd really do it. Now he knew better.
“You found him?” Jason breathed.
“It’s a long story,” Thalia said. “But he’s been badly wounded. Think you could come pick him up?”
◆ The Legend of NOT-BAO band au, word count: 10,000+
If someone had told Jason that Leo's idea to start a band would end with them getting worldwide fame he would have laughed in their faces. If someone had told Nico the same he would never have joined. 
◆ Still in the Running model au, word count: 20,000+
Nico had never considered himself good-looking, yet somehow he ended up competing in America's Next Top Model . It wasn't really fair. He didn't stand a chance against Jason Grace.
◆ Operation Blue Bananas word count: 60,000+
If Jason had been using his brain, he would have called it off the second Percy called it 'Operation Blue Bananas'. In fact, if he had had any sense whatsoever, he wouldn't have asked for Percy's help in the first place. However, as certain love gods and goddesses will tell you, love tends to mess with your mind.
Now Jason just has to try to make sure it doesn't make him completely lose it.
(In which Jason is lovesick, Percy is his wingman, and Nico is just plain confusing.)
◆ Every Time You Laugh drunken confessions au, word count: 2,000+
A welcome home party causes a drunk Jason to confess something to Nico.
◆ Morning After word count: 2,000+
Nico wakes up with a naked Jason beside him and one hell of a hangover.
◆ Emotions word count: 6,000+
A number of one-word emotion-related prompts that accidetally turned into a single fic, starting with "Delirious".
◆ learn to hurt and how not to hurt word count: 6,000+
The day that Jason breaks up with Piper, he knocks on Nico’s door and asks to hide there for an indeterminate amount of time.
◆ Long Way Home future au, word count: 2,000+
Later some years, Nico and Jason talk about the Cupid thing, and Jason confesses it had brought about a realization of his own.
◆ I love you. I really do word count: 4,000+
Jason has a crush on Nico, that was slowly developing from friendship into love, ever since he met him on his quest to stop Gaia. But after he realizes what Nico went through, he doesn't know how to confess his feelings without hurting him. Plus, he thinks he might be jealous of Percy. A little too much, maybe.
◆ No More Heroes future au, word count: 8,000+
The first time Jason wakes up to find Nico di Angelo asleep on his couch, he almost kills him.
◆ Wingman word count: 6,000+
Jason has this really annoying habit of setting Nico up with people at the bar and then interfering almost immediately after. Or, the one in which Jason is the world's worst wingman.
◆ Of Wedding Proposals and Heartbreak friends to lovers au, word count: 3,000+
Percy proposes to Annabeth, very publicly I might add. Nico is affected, but not how he thought he would be. New relationships blossom, and I promise there's a happy ending, not just angst all the way.
◆ Gone Are The Days in Which You Faded Away friends to lovers au, word count: 10,000+
Jason catches wind of the fading incident. Needless to say, he isn’t pleased and makes it his personal mission to make sure Nico is happy and healthy. In the process, Jason may have earned himself a friend in the son of Hades.
Nico x Percy 

◆ Rest your head close to my heart kid fic, parent au, word count: 10,000+
Nico shows up at Camp Half-Blood with a newborn baby in his arms, and Percy's life turns upside down.
◆ the pains of confessing get together au, word count: 1,000+
In which Nico tries to confess, Jason tries to help, and Percy remains completely oblivious.

◆ Found future fic, word count: 10,000+
After five years of running, Nico is finally found. Some things you run from are just faster than you by nature.
◆ Truth Or Dare? word count: 5,000+
Percy and Nico are captured and locked together in a cell. They are bored. They can't get out. And the cell... well, the cell is not that big.
◆ What Happened in Venice? word count: 20,000+
Percy and Nico explore Venice, but two teenage demigods traveling alone can either go horribly right or unbelievably wrong.

◆ Halloween drunken confessions au, word count: 6,000+
When somebody spikes Nico's drink he becomes a little bit too talkative and winds up telling Percy exactly what he feels.
◆ Tribulations word count: 40,000+
Percy and Nico are caught in an argument between two goddesses and are put to the test. They must prove the strength of their bond to survive or lose their freedom forever.
◆ Of Ancient Temples and Belated Birthdays future au, word count: 10,000+
Apollo shows up at camp and announces that he has a quest for Nico di Angelo: he wants the son of Hades to retrieve his poetry notebook.
The only problem is that Nico hasn't been seen in three years, so the Sun God gives Percy the task to find the elusive Ghost King and carry out the quest with him.
◆ Undertow future au, word count: 40,000+
Percy has stopped talking to everyone except a dryad. Nico wants to know why. (He also wants to know why sometimes the person you love the most as a teenager is not the person you end up with, and why sometimes they are.)
Also, apparently Nico di Angelo is more mature than anyone would have expected him to be.

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