Eren x Jean 

◆ in petersburg reincarnation au, college au, word count: 20,000+
In the way Jean exists with him, and always comes flying to him, angrily, happily, in tears, in love, Eren finds that he might have been a little short of angry enough for love. But Jean— Jean is loud and annoying and tries unsuccessfully to hide a temper as short as Eren’s, if not as hot. Jean is a morning and noon of frost, Jean is the crackle of bonfires. When the stars come out in the wake of the sun, Jean is the sound of the evening birds.
Eren loves him with all of his angry young heart. Eren loves him with all of his angry young heart.

‘We aren’t strangers, though,’ Jean says, and Eren feels that breath-catching-heart-shooting phenomenon again.
‘We aren’t?’ The lilt marking his question is almost hopeful, he thinks.

‘No. See,’ Jean continues, leaning forward and grinning like something out of a framed photograph, ‘I’m already nicking your coffee.’
◆ Good Morning, Asshole word count: 10,000+
Internet personalities Eren Yeager and Jean Kirschtein meet, clash, hate each other, become friends, and fall in love. Fun times are had by all.
◆ Jäger Royale college au, wrong number au, word count: 20,000+
Jean accidentally sends half-naked selfies to an unlisted number in his contact list and it's all downhill from there and by downhill I mean that this is an university!AU entirely told through misspelled texts. A CHAPTERED university!AU entirely told through misspelled texts. You have been warned.
And yes. Yes, there will be sexting later on. I am sorry. I regret everything.
◆ Kids Say the Darndest Things established relationship, word count: 2,000+
“Mister Jaeger, do you love Mister Kirstein?”
Her name is Angelina and she’s small and precocious and has a gap between her two front teeth.
◆ Apropos of Everything established relationship, word count: 5,000+
As Armin closes the camera, their friends are in the kitchen cutting into a cake that just says Congratulations. With so many things to celebrate, it's really the only appropriate thing.
(In which Eren is a soldier, Jean copes with being an ocean apart, and their friends are a saving grace.)

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