◆ Who the Hell is Emrys?! soulmates au, soul bond au, word count: 30,000+
Merlin didn't expect the spell to go so absolutely, magnificently wrong. So of course it did. And now apparently every magical being in all of Albion could see the stamp of ownership - clear as day - on one Arthur Pendragon, King of Camelot. And even worse, now there was a very pissy Arthur Pendragon, King of Camelot, searching far and wide for the sorcerer Emrys.
Now, wading his way through fake Emryses, woodland elves, Gwaine's alcoholic tendencies, the stocks, a damned chicken suit and Arthur's bed, Merlin must find a way to remove that bleeding mark before it's too late, and the prophecy is forever lost.
Or: the story where George's little heart goes out one too many times, and Gwaine loves the Camelot red a bit too much.
◆ Paint my spirit gold bamf character, druids au, soul bond au, shapeshifting au, sex magic au, word count: 10,000+
Arthur’s agreed to come to the druids’ camp so that he can see this Emrys the prophecy talks about and unite their lands, but Emrys won’t meet him. Instead, Arthur’s been left with this young druid called Merlin that parades around half-naked and smiles too much. At first, Arthur feels as though there’s not much more to him than just that, but later he discovers that he’s been wrong all along and that Emrys has been closer to him than he thought.
◆ Keep the Magic Secret bamf character, soul bond, established relationship, word count: 70,000+
For the prompt: Someone tells Arthur about the legends of Emrys, an all-powerful warlock whose destiny is to protect Arthur and his kingdom and help bring about an age of peace. He is told that Emrys is someone close to him, and has hidden his identity and trials over the years to protect himself and make sure he can continue on at Arthur's side. When Arthur asks who it is, the person turns to Arthur and shrewdly asks: "Arthur, who do you want it to be?" ... Arthur's mind automatically goes to Merlin.

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