Nico x Percy 

◆ Rest your head close to my heart kid fic, parent au, word count: 10,000+
Nico shows up at Camp Half-Blood with a newborn baby in his arms, and Percy's life turns upside down.
◆ the pains of confessing get together au, word count: 1,000+
In which Nico tries to confess, Jason tries to help, and Percy remains completely oblivious.

◆ Found future fic, word count: 10,000+
After five years of running, Nico is finally found. Some things you run from are just faster than you by nature.
◆ Truth Or Dare? word count: 5,000+
Percy and Nico are captured and locked together in a cell. They are bored. They can't get out. And the cell... well, the cell is not that big.
◆ What Happened in Venice? word count: 20,000+
Percy and Nico explore Venice, but two teenage demigods traveling alone can either go horribly right or unbelievably wrong.

◆ Halloween drunken confessions au, word count: 6,000+
When somebody spikes Nico's drink he becomes a little bit too talkative and winds up telling Percy exactly what he feels.
◆ Tribulations word count: 40,000+
Percy and Nico are caught in an argument between two goddesses and are put to the test. They must prove the strength of their bond to survive or lose their freedom forever.
◆ Of Ancient Temples and Belated Birthdays future au, word count: 10,000+
Apollo shows up at camp and announces that he has a quest for Nico di Angelo: he wants the son of Hades to retrieve his poetry notebook.
The only problem is that Nico hasn't been seen in three years, so the Sun God gives Percy the task to find the elusive Ghost King and carry out the quest with him.
◆ Undertow future au, word count: 40,000+
Percy has stopped talking to everyone except a dryad. Nico wants to know why. (He also wants to know why sometimes the person you love the most as a teenager is not the person you end up with, and why sometimes they are.)
Also, apparently Nico di Angelo is more mature than anyone would have expected him to be.

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