◆ Zayn x Harry 
So the thing is, Zayn sometimes forgets he’s not actually Harry’s boyfriend. It’s not a big deal or anything.

Holding Out For a Hero bodyguard au, kid fic, word count: 80,000+
Harry only expected a new bodyguard. He didn’t expect the most beautiful man he’s ever seen, or how Zayn looked at him like he could see through him, or how he makes Harry feel things he’s never felt before. But maybe, in the face of death threats and a love he can’t admit, Harry can find a bravery he never knew he had, and a home he never knew he wanted.

John Hughes Wannabe fake/pretend relationship au, school reunion au word count: 20,000+
“Think about it. You’ll be staying together. There’ll be slow dancing at the reunion, you’ll have to dance together. Maybe take a walk on the beach, in a nice romantic setting. Everyone will think you’re together already, it’ll be in the air. It’s perfect!”
Harry wants to win his high school reunion. And maybe win Zayn's heart too, while he's at it.

Episkey harry potter au, word count: 10,000+
Over the next two weeks, Harry manages to cut open his finger three times, spill boiling water on himself once, and turn his skin polka-dotted, and somehow Potions is still the highlight of Zayn’s week. It’s just…in Potions, he doesn’t remember the absence at his side, doesn’t remember how even if he hangs out with Liam or any of the other Gryffindors, it still feels like something’s missing, something not even Louis’s regular letters can help. But in Potions, it feels like Zayn’s laughing too hard at Harry and Niall’s antics to remember that.
5 times Harry thought Zayn was dating someone and the one time he didn't.
Or, the one where Harry falls in love at first touch, Zayn is a philosophy major, and they discover the wonders of the earth together in a greenhouse Niall built.
“Does he have your mark?” his mum asks. Zayn shakes his head. He’d looked at Harry’s wrist explicitly for the edgings of Zayn’s family crest but couldn’t find anything. Not that that means Harry’s not the one; it might need a touch or connection to come to the surface. Zayn’s not sure he wants to find out though. He doesn’t know if he’s strong enough to know for certain.
“Ah, well. It could be coming,” she adds, and Zayn shrugs. She’s silent for another moment, before quietly adding, “You could pick him, you know.” She sounds thoughtful, distant even. Zayn wonders what she’s thinking about, what she’s remembering. “If you want to that is. I know you’ve not been looking for your mate Zayn, but maybe this was what you needed. Maybe you needed your mate to find you.”
or - Zayn is an immortal modern times non evil sexual incubus who is reluctant to find his mate. And then he meets Harry.

Call It Serendipity word count: 10,000+
Something about the voice has Zayn’s heart pounding double time in his chest. He turns his head slowly and blinks his eyes open.
“Oh,” Zayn says dumbly back. His mouth falls open a little and he just stares, because it’s him again. It’s the same boy from the street and the terminal and the restaurant stood right in front of him with a beaming smile stretched across his face.
“Oh,” the boy says again. His lips curve into a teasing smile. His voice is deep and slow and something fluttery and quick lights up in Zayn’s chest. He has to bite his lip and look away, already embarrassed at the things his face seems to be doing without his permission. “It’s you.”

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