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dude, i read a lot and i'm a fandom whore!! so i decided to make a rec with all my favorite fics.


books, fanfics, games, anime, manga, music, comics, tv shows, movies, theater, food & sleep.


Interests (144):

07-ghost, ace of diamond, adventure time,, anime, ao no exorcist, assassin's creed, assassination classroom, avatar, avengers, bandom, bangtan, batman, binan koukou chikyuu bouei-bu love!, bl game, bleach, boku no hero academia, bones, buff, bungou stray dogs, bungou to alchemist, capitive prince, carmilla, clamp, code geass, criminal minds,, dangan ronpa, daredevil, dcu, deadpool, death note, detective canon, devil may cry, digimon, disney, doctor who, dragon age, dramatical murder, durarara!!, fairy tail, fic, fic rec, final fantasy, finder no hyouteki, free, fullmetal alchemist, game, game of thrones, ghostbusters, gintama, good omens, gossip girls, gravity falls, grimm, gundam wing, haikyuu, hamilton, hannibal, harry potter, hawaii five-0, hetalia: axis powers, hikaru no go, homestuck, house m.d, hunger games, hunter x hunter, inception, iron man, james bond, jojo's bizarre adventure, k, katekyo hitman reborn!, kingdom hearts, kingsman, kpop, kuroko no basket, kuroshitsuji, kyou kara maou!, les misérables, magi, maleficent, manga, marvel, merlin, mob psycho 100, monsta x, naruto, natsume yuujinchou, ncis, nct, numb3rs, once upon a time, one direction, one punch man, otome game, overwatch, owari no seraph, pacific rim, pandora hearts, person of interest, persona, pitch perfect, prince of tenis, psych, recs, riverdale, saiyuki, seventeen, shadowhunters, shameless, sherlock, shingeki no kyojin, sleepy hollow, soul eater, spartacus, spiderman, star strek, star wars, stargate, suits, supernatural, tales of zestiria, teen wolf, the 100, the blacklist, the heroes of olympus, the legend of zelda, the man from u.n.c.l.e., the originals, the sentinel, the vampire diaries, the walking dead, tokyo ghoul, torchwood, touken ranbu, undertale, visual novel, voltron, welcome to night vale, white collar, world of warcraft, yu-gi-oh, yuri!! on ice
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